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BT VoWIFI IP address range?

A while ago, I managed to get hold of the EE WiFi calling IP address range and ports to put in to our firewall, allowing the service to work in our corporate network.

Now that I've switched to BT, it appears they are using a different IP range for WiFi calling to EE. I'm looking to add these in so BT Mobile users can use VoWiFi on our site. Does anyone know what their IP range is? Unfortunately I can't just open the ports from *any*.

The rule for EE is currently:
udp/500, udp/4500, udp/5060-5061, udp 40283-59999


Anyone know what they are for BT?


This works a treat and I've have thought the ports should be the same for BT, so it's just the IP range I'm after.

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