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Frequently asked questions - Billing

How do I set up your new BT account? You can only register an account online for phone lines, broadband and if you have a OneBill (account number starting with a VP). Here’s a guide for how to register for a BT Business account.   How do I access my ...

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BethM by Administrator
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Questions About BT Wifi

I don't have internet access in my flat at the moment, and I'm considering purchasing a month of BT Wifi access. It's £40, which I'm not thrilled about, but I'm finding it increasingly aggravating to have to duck into a café if I want to have interne...

Having issues with BT Landline

Has anyone experienced problems with their landline when switching from Residential to Business. Also I have not received any paperwork from BT to tell me what my monthly direct debit will be as I signed up for a deal they had of £29.99 a month and £... cost

We have long since moved our phone & broadband away from BT but kept the email address for the business. Should have picked it up sooner, I know, but they've been charging us for "your Business Email @ £4 per month" (+ VAT).  Is anyone ...

Billing Overpayment

Long story short we have been overcharged every month since April and getting nowhere with having this refunded  and our account amended to the correct services we have !!. I have sent an email every week to our account Manger and he promises this wi...

Bobs2 by Member
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How to make a Complaint?

HiCan someone please tell me how I am supposed to make a formal complaint to BT? I am a Business customer but have been told by BT Business that I have a Corporate account. I have tried all ways to do this, through, via...

Overcharging and Billing for a closed account

I am absolutely desperate for some advice on who to speak to about overcharging and erroneous billing on our account. I have a claim in with the Billing High Level Complaints Team but since their first contact on Feb 20th they have completely ignored...

AnneD by Member
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Massively overcharged by nearly 3x on latest bill.

As the title said, I have been hugely overcharged on my latest bill and unfortunately the call centre billing "help" line was not at all helpful and rather dismissive. I really need someone to help with this issue and am hoping I can find that help h...

new contract issued without consent or signature

bt recently contacted me offering me an upgrade from cloud voice express to cloud voice even though my  cloud voice express runs till May 2023,  this was miss-sold as i wasnt told about any charges to change, which resulted in it taking 3 contracts b...

R57 by Member
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Unfair Engineer Charge

I called BT to arrange for a engineer visit as there was no Phone socket/line in my business premises. There was no wiring at all in the premises apart from the 3 tube lights and 2 plug sockets. Initially BT told me they will send an engineer down an...

Suhail by Member
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