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4G assured dongle problems

Hello all, new boy here, 75 reasonably techie.


A couple of weeks ago I set out to improve my 4G backup, basic problem poor EE reception in the building. Accordingly fitted 3Mtr usb cable and repositioned dongle in "sweet spot" in window 3 bar reception 95 to 105 -dbm, double green flashes, searches and connects to ready mode, still searches. pull out landline, single blue dongle flashes, purple router flashes, solid purple, solid blue dongle, connects. replace landline after a period all reconnects fine. Problem! after several hours 4G signal disappears from router. Contacted the normally excellent "enhanced team" first engineer didn't understand problem, another offered a refund, I smell a fundamental problem! after a factory reset of the router and a new dongle the problem went away for a few days until this morning! same old, same old. The solution is to pull out the usb cable from the router, wait a few seconds, plug in normal service resumes. Would a new router solve the problem?

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