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Accessing BT assigned 5 x public static IP addresses???

Hi All
I know people have asked about this but my answer hasn't really popped up.  We have just had an Infinity connection put in and I am unable to ping through the HUB 6 to my equipment. 


This is what we have...
BT Static IP range:   123.456.789.216  -222

Hub 6 Static:            123.456.789.222

Useable addresses:   123.456.789.217 - 221  


I can ping the routers dynamic IP IP address from external.

I can ping the routers static IP address from external. .222

I can ping a useable address when connected to a port on the HUB 6

I CANNOT ping any of the useable addresses when I have attached equipment onto it FROM AN EXTERNAL source


How can I get it to do this so I can set up equipment?  



Your help would be really appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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