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BT 2wire gateway (2700)

Does BT support the setup of web remote access on this router, also what is involved in setting a static IP address up. Thanks LAC
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Re: BT 2wire gateway (2700)

I think with the BT Business Hub, the technical helpdesk (0845 600 70 20 Opt 2) can help with setting up the router to allow remote access through it to another device on your network (port forwarding). They can definitely help with setting up static IPs.
As far as I know you cannot access the router itself remotely though.......
All the best with the configuration. I would give the information I have on how to set up the 2700 (for static IPs and to allow a remote connection through it) but I think it's better you go through the technical helpdesk to get it for purposes of liability.
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Re: BT 2wire gateway (2700)

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I am aware that you are unable to directly remote access your router as it has something to do with the routing rules setup and there is no way to change it.

For help in setting up Static IP addresses on 2700 BTHub, the link is provided:

How do I set up static IP?

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Re: BT 2wire gateway (2700)

Link doesnt work

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Re: BT 2wire gateway (2700)



A single static IP address will automatically be assigned to you, there are several help and support files to set up multiple static IP's.


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