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BT Customer Services

I have an issue with the speed of my Infinity Fibre connection.


Since March of this year the connection speed has been 52mbps and very stable.


Last week whilst watching some streaming TV via the broadband connection the program suddenly started buffering. This is something that hasn't happened for quite a while so I decided to check the connection speed of the broadband.

It was then that I noticed the IP profile had been dropped from 52mbps to 35mbps. I reported this to BT via their online chat/fault reporting. The chat person was very helpful and agreed with me that the speed was quite slow. He arranged for an engineer to visit my premise to try and figure out what was wrong.

The agreed time for the visit was between 1pm and 6pm. 5.00pm came and went and there was no sign of anyone. The phone rings and I hear a voice saying she is calling on behalf of the company working for BT - she didn't tell me the name of the company - she said the engineer couldn't find my premise and could I direct him to my property. I agreed to do this and looked out of the window to see a white van parked almost outside my house. To cut it short I got this guy to my house. He came through the door and announced he was from 'CUBE' ? That was fine but what then occured was a complete eye opener. He was very scuffy but he did put some plastic overshows on. He entered my office and looked at my Draytek router and announced that he couldn't test my line without a BT router. At that he dashed out to his van and came back with a BT Home Hub 6. I said to him 'that router will not work on my static IP business line'. At that he said 'it will work' and proceeded to plug it in. We sat there for a little while waiting for the hub to connect, which it did not do. I said ' I've got a business hub I can get out' at which point he yanked out the home hub and dashed back out to his van to get a Business hub. He came back and plugged that in. He then got out a beat up iPad and was about to use that to connect wirelessly to his hub and check the line speeds etc.... I said ' shouldn't you use an Ethernet connection to get a true indication of the speed' - at this point he said I'm not listening to this crap from you, unplugged the hub and walked out !

I asked for his name to which he said 'you know my name cos I been calling you', I said how am I supposed to know your name from a phone call which I hadn't received. He gave me his name and was gone.

I immediately called BT who then explained to me that all work is now out sourced to the 'CUBE' but the actual company who had provided my engineer was a company called 'Bright Sparks'. The BT guy apologised for the engineer who had visited and insulted me.

I've now got another visit booked for BT to try and sort out my line speed.

I just thought I would relay this experience. 


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Re: BT Customer Services

Hi Mike


Very sorry to hear you have had such a poor experience! The engineer that attended will have been a QUBE engineer, engineers who specialise in testing internal equipment. By the sounds of it, it was not the most pleasant experience, and certainly something I will get fed back for you.


If you PM me some details (broadband telephone number, business name and the fault reference if you have it) I will get this across to someone who can feed back to the engineers directly.


My apologies once again about the experience, and I hope you get this issue sorted with the second engineer visit!




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Re: BT Customer Services

Thanks Ryan,

A BT Openreach guy visited this afternoon and tested the line. He informed me of the speed and that it was exactly as I stated. He explained to me that new houses that have been built down by the exchange are probably the cause of my line speed drop. You can only get so much water down a pipe !

An extra 33 houses all signing up to broadband is all it takes to ruin my broadband !

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