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BT Home Hub Issues

Decided to see if anyone here can help with my issues, cause the guys at BT customer support seem to have no clue.

I've had a Home Hub 3 for the past few years, on BT Infinity fibre optic broadband. On Monday no lights on the Openreach modem were on. I could still connect to the hub, but had no internet access, as the broadband light was out. An engineer was dispatched and he said that the modem is dead, and that I should request a new hub. I now have a Home Hub 4, which doesn't require an openreach modem and connected it exactly as in the instructions.

Initially, the broadband light was flashing red, and once again I could connect to the hub, but had no internet access. I went through all the troubleshooting steps described, and that didn't solve it. I called customer support who ran all their diagnostic tests, and determined that the line is fine, and that this hub must also be faulty, so they're sending out another hub which should arrive in 48 hours time. In the meantime I decided to still try to see if I can fix it, and now the broadband light is a solid orange instead, which apparently means my account hasn't been set up.

I've gone into the home hub manager, and on the services it says the internet is disconnected. I click connect and nothing happens. If I go into the "advanced settings" and reset my username, it changes the status of the internet to "connecting" indefinitely. I called BT once more to explain how it's changed, and they ran through the same tests and said "well we're sending a new hub so there's nothing more we can do"

I'm just wondering if there's something they or I could have missed, cause I'm pretty sure when the next hub arrives it'll just have the same issues.

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Re: BT Home Hub Issues

No lights do indeed mean the router or PSU is faulty so a replacement was correct.


Flashing broadband light means it cannot connect to the exchange so it's not a setup issue. It's a physical problem with the line somewhere between your socket and the exchange.


Follow these instructions see if it helps


But if you now have a solid broadband light but it's orange then it could be a config issue on the router.


Check the user name and makes sure it is (I am assuming you're a home user?) and a blank password. If you're a business user then use yourphonenumber@btbroadband with ADSL as the password


If that still doesn't connect then there could be an account issue rather than a fault. Log into to check your bill. Or if you are business.


If there is no account issue, you've checked all your wiring, tried 2 new routers then it's time for an engineer.



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