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BT Total Business Broadband Technical Support Experience

To Whom This May Concern:


I am currently a subscriber for BT Total Business Broadband for more than 3 years now with a /28 static public IP addresses but prior to that I had a /29 static public IP addresses. Basically the technical support of BT or it's allied outsource companies to do the job  had a commendable technical support team which will help you diagnose and possible solve networking issues on the fly.


Yesterday (11th November 2010) past 10am, my BT ADSL connection was down. By default, I didn't rush calling everyone's attention at BT to help me solve the problem right and just let them do their job if there's actually something to fix. I then started making calls thru my mobile phone at around 8 PM on that same day.


I been waiting for ages to get hold of someone from BT in a hope that I might get some technical assistance. Finally, after 20 mins, I was able to speak with someone at the number 08000223080 ( which is a fault support number ).  I told this guy that under this setup for 3 years in which I am using a Cisco ADSL router and I have it configured as like it was with a dialer interface and politely give him the internal public static IP addresss block that BT has given me to make some test at his end. Well, it seems that he doesn't know what he is doing at all and instead, advice me to call BT ITSM ( 0800500247 ) which is a paid support (25 gbp per 30 mins), fix or not fix support team. Instead, I politely hung up and called another number from the BT Business Broadband ( 08456007020 ). As usual and after ages of waiting, I finally get hold on someone from helpdesk but it appears to me that it's still from same clueless department but this time I am just speaking with another person. And just like what it was, that guy advised to call BT ITSM.


I finally called that BT ITSM and before entering into such a paid broadband fix support team, I asked some question first if he can fix it for me. I told him that I was using a cisco adsl router for 3 years with public static ip address on the LAN. Know what, I was surprised that BT doesn't support or don't have any support for anything related to Cisco products. And I was advised by this guy to use the router they provided for me. Now, I can sense something rubbish here already because I been using a Cisco ADSL router just like I've said and it didn't fail until lately.


What's wrong with UK-based BT or its outsource affiliates nowadays? It seems to me that anyone from India or Philippine call centers can help me with this. But with a local support within UK, it is obvious they don't know what they are talking about.


My impression of BT now as been changed to that of being not credible. Maybe this is the prize of their cost-cutting just to reduce operational cost and increase profit thru outsourcing some "amateur techies" instead of paying a few dedicated but credible in-house support team.


It's 2:30 am now on the 09th November but the broadband is still not operational. I wasted a lot of time with chasing anyone representing BT lately. How I wish back then that I just terminate my line with them once and for all.



Note: If anyone from BT happens to read this post, please advise.






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Re: BT Total Business Broadband Technical Support Experience



I am really sorry to read that you are unhappy with the level of support you have received from BT Business.


You are correct, the front line technical team will not offer technical support on third party routers, if you have a connection problem they will request that you test with the router supplied with BT Business or to check the hardware with your hardware manufacturers support team.


Details on what our IT Support Manager team for PC's and Servers support can be found through their sales page, there is a wide selection of additional technical help for your computers and system. They also do not support Command routers such as Cisco Routers. 


The TECH HEADS one off support through DABS will also not offer support on Command Routers such as Cisco Routers.


What you will find is that most Internet Service providers will not offer Cisco Support, this is normally provided by specialist IT consultants who are Cisco Trained and Certified.


I am really sorry you are unhappy with this level off support. If you are having problems with the BT Business connection we would like to help you troubleshoot, but we would require you to plug a modem directly into the main socket (off your network) to ensure it is the connection rather than hardware from the socket that is causing the issue.


Kind Regards



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Re: BT Total Business Broadband Technical Support Experience

If you think about the levels of staff turnover and volumes, its really not worth having people with a CCNA for the very small volume of people whom call up with Cisco gear.


They should however still help you, as long as you know how to check the username and password when they ask what it is or change it if required, as well as check all cables are in correctly they should still be able/allowed to run all relevent tests from their end.


Only if it is a no sync issue would it be worth plugging in an alternate router just to check there has not been a fault.


I'd call back up again, and if they advise they cannot help just tell them that you can make any changes in the router that are required, and check all settings against what they say are required, if they are not willing to do this then I would escalate, as long as you know how to check everything there should be nothing stopping them.

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Re: BT Total Business Broadband Technical Support Experience

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I love BT they are great there tech support are second to none and there is always someone on the end of the phone for you in your time of need.

I have worked in the IT industry for the past 35 years am now 60 and semi retired over the past 8 years I have made an absolute fortune advising people regarding there internet service providers, what I can say is that BT is the best of a bad bunch there level 1 and lava 2 support staff remind me of something like checkout staff at the supermarket if its not on the screen we cant sell it so BT please continue to maintain your level of support as I have not quite paid for the villa in France yet. As to the issues that you have experienced call BT back and tell them you wish to deal with a manager and pursue your problem from there, please make sure you have the ability to check your own equipment before making that call. there is no reason that the support staff should be unable to check most of the services available on your broadband service even a simple ping to your router or mail server if you have one would be a good starting block. As a last resort I have found that sarcasm pretty muck works after 47 calls to BT 2 years ago I asked to speak to the cleaner as she was properly the only person I had not spoken to I finally received a callback regarding a particular problem form a very nice man who pretty much new what he was talking about and between us we fixed the problem ( I told him what to do he went away and did it ) he was extremely impressed with my knowledge and suggested that I should go and work for BT. 1 I am sure that they are going to employ a 60 year old 2 they would not be very happy with what I would expect as a salary 3 I would properly have to make the first 50 people I met redundant 4 Book Film and T Shirt already in bottom draw. How about starting a website just a simple one and ask people to vote for there least favorite ISP now that may be interesting. Back to you if you cant get your problem resolved tell BT to fix it or you require termination of your contract with them because of there inability to provide you with a service ( again make sure everything your end is working OK to test your broadband service I hate to say it plug in the business router they supplied you, over the space of an hour turn it off 10 min and then back on do this about 3 times and see if it negotiate the connection for you) Still no joy they have a very good complaints department that send me wine at Christmas.

28 static IP addresses must have some spicy meatball kit on the end of that lot.

I have just read Fiona reply she is 100% correct re BT tech support but if you ask the right question then if they cant answer it the problem will get pushed to there back office and onwards and upwards we go ( please remember this one simple rule when dealing with tech support staff) (Never Never ask a question unless you already know the answer)


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Re: BT Total Business Broadband Technical Support Experience

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To BT:



After another two weeks, my BT Total Business Broadband has been offline,  AGAIN. This time, it's almost 48 hours and goodness maybe it'll take another weeks or months or eternity to fix this. BT is not good at fixing technical problems but they are just very good at one thing, disconnecting you if missed paying your bills on time. 


The supplied BT Business Hub Router/Switch won't work either. And I have a /28 public IP. If you call BT customer service, they'll just keep passing to  every department and at times you'll fall asleep listening to those IVRs or if you are lucky, you'll be again talking to someone at their end who doesn't know what they are doing at all.


Look at what they advertise on TV, it is a "BT Total Business Broadband". No one on his right mind would agree that any such small business running on top of todays BT's  infrastructure could grow or last if it has frequent long downtime.



traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 40 byte packets
 1 (  916.030 ms  723.444 ms  681.314 ms
 2 (  730.023 ms  757.343 ms  853.098 ms
 3 (  869.972 ms  851.837 ms  811.867 ms
 4 (  807.756 ms  903.518 ms  898.093 ms
 5 (  958.241 ms  706.423 ms  841.893 ms
 6 (  830.112 ms  982.565 ms  815.295 ms
 7 (  548.345 ms  420.276 ms  633.779 ms
 8 (  885.209 ms  694.012 ms  771.333 ms
 9 (  1024.119 ms  769.129 ms  909.756 ms
10 (  611.950 ms (  842.671 ms (  935.640 ms
11 (  873.334 ms  821.187 ms *
12 (  640.605 ms  865.000 ms  804.893 ms
13 (  990.806 ms  887.723 ms  873.315 ms
14 (  562.531 ms  957.141 ms  939.947 ms
15 (  821.988 ms  876.125 ms *
16 (  771.318 ms  898.109 ms  600.094 ms


%traceroute 81.x.x.174
traceroute to x.x.x.174 (81.x.x.174), 64 hops max, 40 byte packets
 1 (  738.149 ms  931.516 ms  835.970 ms
 2 (  586.455 ms  883.991 ms  633.839 ms
 3 (  470.049 ms  713.536 ms  969.208 ms
 4 (  812.027 ms  885.897 ms  577.951 ms
 5 (  675.600 ms  653.442 ms  889.652 ms
 6 (  884.187 ms  893.060 ms  1032.218 ms
 7 (  810.409 ms  559.269 ms  704.173 ms
 8 (  790.238 ms  910.100 ms  871.848 ms
 9 (  897.417 ms  561.609 ms  606.961 ms
10 (  813.191 ms  807.758 ms  730.301 ms
11 (  864.674 ms (  867.014 ms (  661.491 ms
12 (  692.134 ms  974.181 ms  1007.370 ms
13 (  684.653 ms  479.667 ms  347.017 ms
14 (  565.285 ms  876.650 ms  875.911 ms
15 (  1010.408 ms  921.719 ms  657.868 ms
16 (  811.787 ms  984.018 ms  856.181 ms
17  * * *



BT, tell me if you can fix this connection and if not, just cancel my contract. You keep screwing things up.




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Re: BT Total Business Broadband Technical Support Experience

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The last time I have my BT Businesss Broadband working was prior to 18th November 2010. It is now the 22nd and it is still not working.




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Re: BT Total Business Broadband Technical Support Experience ( Updates )

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To BT:


I don't have my BT Business Broadband working for the past 8 days. And I keep calling BT every hour of every day since then for some updates. And guess what, everytime you speak to one "tech support", it is as if you have to repeat what you were telling to the guy before him and before that guy so on so forth. Your wild guess is as good as mine, BT has an enigmatic customer service and absolutely rubbish. They just don't listen to you and they keep insisting that you listened and obey unconditionally and absolutely what they have to tell you. That is because, they are so concerned with their ego and their arrogance that they think they have all the answers to your broadband problem. Bruised psyche?


Tomorrow morning, I'll probably be humiliating some ego again and proved to them how wrong they were. The 8 long days of disconnection is not my fault but obviously it is BT's fault. I have no idea if they'll compensate for the lost of productivity. I will call on sales and the concerned department about why I was given an IP block which is not routable. If this can happen to me, this will happen over time and again to anyone who has a BT Total Business Broadband.


Moving forward, I told everyone I can speak of at the heldesk and tech support group that their is a problem with the IP block given to me because it is not routing. Yet they keep blaming my good old cisco adsl router and crying out  loudly that I should used this venerable BT router because that is what they are best trained for. To make the long story short, I asked from the sales team if they can temporarily provision to me an IP block for testing. Guess what, the new IP block was working. Prior to this, almost everyone in the BT Tech Support echelon absolutely doubted my analysis probably since I don't speak British accent or my family name didn't sound a bit British.


To BT and all its subcontractors, listen to your customers. Don't be too arrogant that you know what you are doing. Some of your customers are computer savvy and seasoned networking professionals who used their brain over the years solving complex networking issues as compared  instead to some of your support group whose incredible credentials were from some rubbish training center who taught only the color of apples and orange. 


More updates tomorrow then..



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Re: BT Total Business Broadband Technical Support Experience

BT sales sold to me a /28 public static IP address with a two year contract so if they don't want me to get a bunch of IPv4 addresses then why did the sales team sold it to me. If one knows how to make used of it without having to get a lot of PCs running and how to get a good old cisco router manipulate the BT's ADSL system, then you can have a much cheaper solution for a SOHO-like infrastructure.


One thing I noticed with BT's support, they don't want to listen to you and keep on insisting to adopt theirs by all means and most of the time, they won't admit their very own configuration mistakes within their existing infrastructure.

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Re: BT Total Business Broadband Technical Support Experience

It doesn't need a CCNA level to grasp some troubleshooting techniques related to a simple routing issue. Nowadays, their are ample of tools to google and learn from it. Just need some brain and some creativiy plus the willingness to learn and to listen.

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Re: BT Total Business Broadband Technical Support Experience

To Fiona,


Why on earth that a very reiliable Cisco router becomes a 3rd party networking equipment in the UK nowadays. Does this mean that it is also a third class router? Ah I know now, it is because of its prize.


I had no broadband connection for the past 8 days and counting. Keep calling every day the BT tech support telling them that their is something wrong with the IP block given to me. But they don't listen probably due to they don't know what I am talking about or they are just too arrogant.


Cisco never trained me but I go into Cisco websites and read their publications from time to time. A simple dial-up experience with some understanding of radius AAA (Access, Authentication, and Accouting) plus some rough knowledge with routing tables is what it takes to succeed in supporting this business. One can learn some rough ideas with this using google search engine.


Finally, I asked the BT sales team to allow me borrowing a /29 temporary ip block for testing. Guess what, it worked. My contract with BT for two years is /28 public static IP address. I hope BT will not change rules in the middle of the game thereby telling me that I should just have a /29 instead of a /28.  If they will, that's a direct violation of what is stated in the option package I have with BT.


I will call on sales tomorrow and tell them it was BT's fault that I have no internet connection for the past 8 days. All the diagnostics made by their engineers were all wrong.