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BT business hub security settings

I've changed the security settings on the hub and now I can't log back in to it or access the wifi connection because the security settings have changed. How do I re-access the hub or can I just reset the hub to default to make the connection work again?


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Re: BT business hub security settings

Hello Leo,


yes you can factory reset the router to default the wireless security settings, you can also connect your computer to the router by ethernet cable to access the control page that might be the better option for you.


if you have further problems with that you can contact the support desk on 08456007020 or on live chat at 



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Re: BT business hub security settings

I agree. Doing this on the web portal should be the best route for you. Since when you do a factory reset, you need to go to the web portal anyway and update the settings like SSID and security settings. 


I hope you got your issue resolved onto reading this.

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