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Broadband outage -- 10 days and counting........

I am appalled by the level of poor service I have received since reporting a Broadband outage on Tuesday 23 of August.  First I was told it was a problem with my telephone line, then I was told I would have to organise an engineer visit.  This involved my wife staying in on a hot day with our two children.  When the engineer finally arrive at the very end of his 8 am to 1 pm time slot, he took two hours to decide that he could not solve the problem as it was "to do with the network."  After phoning BT back I was told that the problem would be fixed by Tuesday 30 August.  When the Broadband was still out by the end of Tuesday, I was told that I would have to organise a second engineer visit to my property.  That was today (1 September).  I received a text giving the engineer's mobile number and confirming his visit but when he still had not appeared by 12:30 pm I rang the number only to be told that he was finished for the day and would not be coming.  The upshot of this is that my wife, who is a freelancer has been unable to work since our return from holiday, my children have been unable to do any homework and I have spent literally hours on the phone speaking to nice people in India.  BT you are doing a terrible.

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Re: Broadband outage -- 10 days and counting........

Having i similar problem - I'm curious if BT have ever managed to fix a fault before!