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Company website blocked on content filter

Hi my names james


im currently setting up a domain for a company and i am having a headache the BT Business router BT2700HGV


Firmware version :


The server is set up as the domain controller with the domain name set as


It runs as DHCP server and exchange 2010 host which requires you to have the web services installed in order to use this


now the problem im having is that the company website is hosted by a third party on the address


for some unknown reason the content filter is blocking the website


the error message bieng displayed is just the webpage is un-available, but it is and have tested on two outside connections and they can access the website, but you cannot access it from inside the company domain


no content filtering settings have been set and no computers have been added to the default groups


i had this problem before with google too as it kept blocking it and kept diverting users to the windows bing search engine website, which it is doing now for bwcutters site


the way i solved it before was to add it to the allow list, and it worked, and then i deleted it from the allow list and it still let you onto google but now this isint working the bwcutters site


ive flushed the attached devices on the router and i.p addresses on the server but still this is the only site you cannot access now


router has been powerd off and on but still its happening and i cannot solve it, and im apprehensive of giving it a factory reset as users need internet access


this is a brand new router supplied by BT and not bought off a reseller or such

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Re: Company website blocked on content filter

Hi JamesBW


Im sorry that no one on the forum has been able to answer your query. If you are still having this problem please contact the Technical helpdesk on 0845 600 7020 Option 2 and they will be able to assist you further





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ces Re: Company website blocked on content filter

Hi Frances


Thanks for replying back, i still had the problem and phoned the technical support line who didnt help as they were trying to get me to use different browsers and rebooting the pc, they had difficulty understanding we had a domain and not just one pc was experiencing this problem


I rectified the issue, i had to rebuild the server due to to some fault in exchange 2010 (and the mailboxes became corrupted) but exchange seems not being able to distinguish between the internal domain name and outside domain name but theres still a problem with the content filter on the router.


It doesent seem to work or it blocks everything to the designated PC, even after changing the group and black & white listings of hosted websites


everythigns running but the content filter is something im going to have to work on later