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Fried hub 6

We had a short electrical storm in the locality last week. Only 2 flashes of lightning, both a couple of miles from the house. After the first flash, I could smell some electrics were fried. I pulled the adsl cable out of the socket just as the second flash hit and saw a flash at the socket.  The 4G dongle kicked in so we didn't lose service but the adsl element was fried.


New router arrived yesterday so all well and good now.


This is the second time in 6 months and in the previous major storm, lightening hit a telegraph pole on the hill above the village and just about evryone with BT had to have relacement routers.


I've never experienced this before - anyone have any idea why tihs would happen now?  What's changed?



PS BT sent an engineer out that first time, despite me telling them it was obviously the router. The engineer swapped the router and then they tried to charge me for the privilege of an engineers visit - because the problem was with "my equipment" in the house.  That was never going to work.   Tried again this time but I insisted they just send me a replacement router - just in case anyone else has the same issue...

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