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Getting good broadband deals? Changing every 12 months?

So my Virgin Media introductory offer has ended and the price has gone from £30 to £50 a month which seems like quite a lot for my overall budget.

We have the basic TV, phone, and SuperFibre 100 Unlimited package.

The internet has been great but we don't use the phone.

We don't have a TV aerial so use the Virgin box for TV but only watch the free channels. I do quite like being able to record things though. Although our TV has a USB recording feature, but I've never used it.

Looking on Money Supermarket, it looks like there are a lot of options for around £20 per month.

However, they seem to range from 10 MB to 35 MB for that price. Would be notice a difference coming down from the Virgin fibre?

Although Vodafone, SSE, Shell and PlusNet, do 63 MB fibre in our area for £26 (and up) per month for 18 months.

We work from home and online most of the time on our computers and the kids like to watch iplayer and YouTube on the TV.

  • Would the slower internet be a killer?

  • Do you guys swap providers every 12 months to get the best deals?

  • Are there any ISPs we should avoid?

  • As we don't have a TV aerial, are there any good deals that include basic TV? We rent so can't get a Sky dish put in.

  • Do you think a plugin aerial would give us a freeview signal? I think our TV has it built in. If not, I think we can pick up a cheap box?

  • Any tips on reducing the price without reducing the quality of the internet?

  • Could we cancel the Virgin and sign up in my partners name and she get the intro deal again or is that naughty?

Many thanks!

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