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Home Move failure by BT

I set up my home move weeks in advance and for some reason the order kept getting cancelled by BT. I kept getting the usual fob off when I phoned up and as a result a complaint was opened.

Having now moved I rang today to find out if the issue had been resolved only to be told that BT had closed my complaint and the back office team were working on resolving the problem.............exactly the same fob off I have been getting for 4 weeks.

Now I am being told that someone will phone in 5 days time, which will then bring us upto 6 weeks since I raised an order for bradband and phone to be installed. BT are still taking my money

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Re: Home Move failure by BT

Hi Tania


Very sorry to hear you are having these ongoing issues.


In regards to this one, firstly I will say that once everything is sorted - your complaint handler will be able to discuss goodwill compensation. If you are being billed for phone and BB when you shouldn't be, then we would look at refunding that to you, we just need the issue to be sorted before discussing that.


In terms of getting this one sorted, from my end all I can really do is try to chase up your complaint handler for you. I myself would not deal with the order side of things, but I can certainly try and put some pressure on from my end. We should be keeping you informed every step of the way with complaints, and if you have been fobbed off then that is not good service at all - so I can certainly feed that back.


If you have a complaint reference you can PM it to me and I can see what I can do from my end.




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