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How do I enable UPNP in my BT Business Broadband Hub

I want to allow a YCAM Black IP Camera to be accessed from an internet page. To do this I need to enable Universal Plug and Play, or otherwise instruct the broadband modem to allow the camera to do this.
Does anyone know how I can do this?

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Re: How do I enable UPNP in my BT Business Broadband Hub

Unfortunately uPnP can't be enabled on the Business Hub, you'll need to do things the old fashioned way and forward the ports manually to the camera system.


Go to Settings> Firewall> Allow Applications, Pinholes and DMZ Mode.

Scroll down to below the list of applications and click "Add a new user defined application"

There's only 3 sections need completed here as follows...


-Application Profile Name - You can call this anything e.g. DVR

-Protocol - This is defined by the camera system whether its TCP or UDP, usually it's TCP

-Port (or Range) - this is the actual port you're forwarding (should be in your DVR documantation), so for example, if it's web port to be viewed via IE, then it's port 80 etc.


Everything else can be left as default then hit Add to list. It will ask for the system password (routers 12 digit serial number by default). Once saved it will show at the bottom of the same screen. Once all ports are added hit Back.


Select your camera from the device list, then filter the rules by selecting User Defined option. You should see your created rule here (e.g. DVR). Select the rule and hit Add, and it will move it over. Scroll up and hit Status and it should show the rule there now.