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Infinity installed at wrong speed but can't get it fixed

As a company we are moving to Cloud Voice but our main number was associated with our Infinity which was regularly running at 70/20.  In order to port our main number to the cloud it was necessary to move/associate our Infinity with a different line/number.  This was done but testing immediately showed that the Infinity was running at 40/10 (actual speeds about 37/8).  This was about five weeks ago.  Had to go through the normal process of allowing ten days for it to settle) but no improvement and I maintained from day 1 that the circuit had been established incorrectly.  BT Business stated that they can only supply Infinity at one speed (70/20) but subsequently found that there are two speeds and this Infinity has been installed at the lower.  Despite this admission and, I believe, the best efforts of the sales person it seems impossible to get this resolved.  We are due to go live on Cloud Voice in three days and I need this Infinity upgraded to the correct level 0 I am, after all, paying for a high-speed Infinity.  No idea where to go to get this fixed.

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Re: Infinity installed at wrong speed but can't get it fixed

Hi there nigelt99


If you can send me your details and details of the account via a private message, I can get it looked into for you.