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Making public IP address static changes existing static IPs

Where I work we have paid BT for 5 static IP addresses and these are used for our email server, ftp server etc. 

Our router's public IP address is dynamic and we would like to make this static as well. Someone from BT has told our IT guy that making our router's address static would result in our existing static IP addresses changing. I can understand that if we wanted to add an extra static IP address to the 5 we have already then this would result in address changes as the static IPs are in contiguous 5 address blocks. I don't see why making our router's IP address static would affect this - I think our IT guy's question has been misunderstood. Does anyone have any knowledge of this sort of situation?

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Re: Making public IP address static changes existing static IPs

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Hey philsands,


It wouldn't be possible to assign an IP address from a 5 static IP range to your BT Business Hub unfortunately. The only way to assign an IP address to the Business Hub would be with a single static IP address, which would be assigned to every device including the router. This doesn't work simultaneously with a range of 5. An alternative would be picking up a third-party router with the ability to handle those 5 static IP addresses as well as the ability to assign one to the router itself. 


Thanks, Bobby

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