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Massive Ping Spikes With Netflix!!!!

My ping usually is around 10 - 30ms when Netflix isn't running but as soon as it is my ping spikes to over 300ms which makes most games I play unplayable. I have an average network sped of around 20mbps down and 1 mbps up (the fastest speed available for me) but Netflix streams in HD so this shouldn't be a problem? This has just started to occur a few weeks ago, it was fine before.

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Re: Massive Ping Spikes With Netflix!!!!

Hi Jayson


Hope you are well - very sorry to hear you are having that issue. Netflix, to my knowledge at least, should not be too taxing on your bandwidth as it is such a commonplace thing these days. Streaming of any kind will  of course increase the ping, but the level at which it is increasing seems to be quite high.


When you connect normally do you definitely get your full 20Mb/s? It could be that you are getting slow speeds in general, and that could explain why Netflix is taking such a toll on the ping perhaps.


If everything is fine iwth the speed, it could potentially be a device issue, so it may be worth trying Netflix on a different device to see if the issue persists.




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