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Netgear GS724T v3 Switch and Bt Business Smart Hub?

Netgear GS724T v3 Switch and Bt Business Smart Hub


I have a a BT Internet connection on my local community centre, supplied via a BT Business Smart Hub. This is connected to a Netgear GS724T v3 Smart Switch.

On this switch 6 ports are for the office computers and the CCTV feed.

The remaining ports feed various switches on the site for the other users.

I need to setup this up so the others users can't see or access information from the office computers.

I've looked online into VLAN's and Subnetting, and can set up a separate Vlan for the 6 office ports, but when i do this they cant seem to access the Internet.


I've setup a separate Vlan called 'Office' on Vlan 4

I then used the PVid to allocate the ports 1-6 to Vlan 4 and remove them from Vlan 1


My Feed from the Bt Hub comes into Port 24 of the Switch -

Do i change this to T on Vlan 4 and Vlan 1?

Do I need to alter any setting in the Bt Hub ?


Any help would be appreciated

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