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Overpaying substantially on BT broadband - Need help price matching or cancelling

Need some help/advice here please! I’m currently in a BT broadband-only contract, and have been living in my current flat for 6-months whilst on a work placement, so I chose to get the fastest speeds I could get - it came out at £55/mo for 72ish mbps.

Now I’m moving back out and into another flat at my normal place of work and trying to sort out broadband. The letting agents got me a good deal for £25/mo with Sky (which is FASTER than the fastest package BT can offer at my new place), so I signed up to that yesterday.

Just rang BT to try and cancel and they said I’m in a 2 year contract until April 2022, so unless I transferred I’d have to pay a cancellation fee of £536. WTF! I’d be happy to transfer BT, but when I go on the BT page and pop in my new details, the fastest package is £26.95, and it’s 1/3 slower speeds than what I’m currently paying my £55/mo for. I asked if there’s any way I can match that package shown online but she said no?

What’s my best option here?

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