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Question about BT Internet Complete WIFI


I have a Smarthub 2 from BT Internet, but have crap WIFI reception upstairs.

I've seen BT do a black "complete wifi" disc that gives you mesh internet, but you have to pay more per month to get it. I'm not interested in the white discs by BT, as they effectively replace the router.

I'm tempted to buy a black disc outright, as you'll save the money over time by not paying the addition monthly.

Do you NEED the subscription for the black discs to work? Does BT have to activate the disc via the subscription, or is it plug and play?

I cant find an answer anywhere, so was hoping someone could help here.


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Re: Question about BT Internet Complete WIFI

Hi there,


The Black Discs are consumer only. You might find the answer on their forums here:



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Re: Question about BT Internet Complete WIFI

Sadly as always BT doesnt make clear when they have offers if it is for resedential or business. Considering how mnay people now run their business from home it is ridiculous that the offer to business owners are so much worse tehn for resdential. I just went through the same issue, not strong enough wifi on a new installed hub and thought that it was part of the guarantee but was simply told that the offer and guarantee was not valid for me and if I wnated booster or disks I had to buy them myself. Thanks very much BT! 

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