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RDP disconnects every 5min-1hour over VPN

The Issue: Recently at our main office we have been having issues with users stay connected to RDP when on VPN. Basically a user will connect to our office using OpenVPN, then RDP to their workstation that is connected on the LAN. The disconnects are very inconsistent, some every 5 minutes, some every hour. There is nothing that stands out on the client or the guests event logs. I have also looked into the firewall's logs and haven't seen anything noticeable. I've tried googling around, searching on sysadmin, and looking on the Netgate/OpenVPN forums, but haven't had any luck in finding a suggestion that solves the issue. So any suggestions are welcomed Smiley Happy

Repro Steps:
1- Connect to VPN using OpenVPN
2- Using Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection, RDP to workstation on LAN
3- Use work station
4- After 5 minutes -1 hour the RDP connection freezes and must be restarted. (The VPN remains connected) 5- Refresh RDP connection and it works again for 5 minutes-1 hour.

-PFsense XG-7100 | Firmware: 2.4.4 p3
-OpenVPN 2.4.8 (Latest public version)
-Happens with some computers and not with others. (Intermittent)
-All running Windows 10 1809 or newer(1903)


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