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Save your mobile data allowance with BT Business Wi-Fi

You can find a hotspot anywhere and everywhere. From conference centres, exhibition venues, law courts, hotels, restaurants, and cafes to airport terminals, train networks, and roadside service stations, you’re never far away from a fast internet connection – and our free app will help you find and connect to the nearest one. 

People now spend 42% of the working week away from their desks. At least 50% of people work flexibly or remotely. As long as colleagues, customers, and suppliers can still get in touch easily, business can continue uninterrupted.

But here’s the thing: with instant communication, customers now demand a much swifter response than in the pre-digital world. For example, 72% of customers expect a response within the hour to a complaint on Twitter.


Use the app to find a hotspot and get on it, safely

It’s very easy to get on wi-fi at one of our hotspots. Your nearest connection is probably closer than you think. The BT Wi-fi app has a handy built-in map to help you find the hotspot closest to you – it even directs you there.

Using the app, you just enter your usual BT ID to log in and off you go. And if you’re a new customer and haven’t had your BT broadband installed yet, you can start using BT Wi-fi as soon you’ve received your order confirmation.

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