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Setting up 3rd Party Router


I want to setup a modem router I have instead of using the BT Business Hub. I presumed I copy the settings off the hub and go from there. The email on the hub is D****** at but doesn't seem right to me.


It asks for a password which after some searching should be "BT" but I'm not sure. I'm setting this up for someone else so not sure there either. I'm setting this up for a friend so if these details are wrong, if I give BT the phone number of the line it's on they can give me the info?

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Re: Setting up 3rd Party Router

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Hello Raymo


With Buisness Broadband, each line has its own username similar to "", and each one has its own uniquie password that would have been set when the account was created.  The password that the router uses can be reset by going through, and logging in as the main email address.


Or if you are able to fully validate the account you can contact us via live chat or phone and we can suppply you the correct password for the router, without the need to change it.





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