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Still No Broadband after 3 weeks and 3 days and counting, all from an billing error !!

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3 Weeks ago on 17/01/11 i went into my office to start work and realised my broadband light had gone red so i rung up and spoke to Bt Broadband who informed me the billiing department had issued a cease on my broadband due to bad debt (even though i pay by dd and have never missed a payment) to which i was gob smaked, so after they held there hands up to the error they told me they would fast track a new order and get it on by the 24/01/11 with the same user log in details, static ip and same account number etc.


As the 24th arrived i was looking forward to having everything back up and running as i run a taxi firm and have 6 data terminals in the cars which allow us to send jobs to the vechiles and also track where all the cars are as it clearly had been a logistical nightmare without the broadband for the previous week but as we got near to the end of the day and i sopke to BT and it was clear there was something wrong and my broadband wouldnt be back on.


What came over the next week was a total nightmare as each department were trying to blame the other for what was causing the problem and kept trasfering me between order managment, bt broadband and also they were each intouch with Bt Wholesale who actually build the broadband profiles !! In the end they decided to send an engineer and then they didnt come till the 1st of feb which i'd now been without broadband for 2 weeks. When the engineer arrived he did all his checks and said the broadband was fine and should be running, in the end he found that even though Bt Broadband were determined that the user name login details hadn't changed Bt wholesale said it had as Bt broadband forgot to ask for the user name etc to be the same. So after 10 minutes the engineer got Bt Wholesale to rebuild the username manually while he was on the phone which was excellent as the broadband came straight back on.


With my broadband up and running and coming up to a busy weekend when i would need it, on the 3rd we had a power cut and when the router came back on-line it wouldnt log back on to the broadband.............


Then back into a merry go round we go again..............


I'm back to square one again with an engineer curently booked for tomorrow (10/02/11) even thought the fault occured again on the 3rd with both Bt Broadband and Bt Wholesale having no idea what is going on, all i get out of them is same as last time and that is 'it should be working' !!


What really annoys me is when you ring technical to get updated as to where we are at with the situation they keep getting me to put the same test deatils in the the router over and over again when we've already come to the conclusion it doesnt work just because a computer is telling them too instead of chasing up whats going on !!


And to add insult to injury i'm still getting billed for my origanal broadband and have just recieved another bill for a new broadband all together and when i rung up apparently my old account is cancelled completely even though i'm 3 months ahead and still paying for it. When i spoke to order managment today his words were 'it may take a while to sort out as your account is in a technical mess'.... Its just taken them till now to notice when i've suffered for 3 weeks with it.


My recommendation to anyone is dont ever get any business products with Bt, it isnt the first time i've had major problems and i'm sure it wont be the last.

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Re: Still No Broadband after 3 weeks and 3 days and counting, all from an billing error !!

Hi Ben3083,


Firstly I wish to sincerely apologise for the service you have received.


This was such an unusual error which is unlikely to happen to any other users.


Although BT do not usually look at faults on this forum, as you were clearly distressed I looked at your particular issue in detail and managed by process of elimination to ascertain exactly what was causing the issue and rectified it.


Whilst I understand your frustration with completing our diagnostic steps repeatedly, these are extremely important to identify exactly where the issue lies otherwise the time taken to resolve the issue will take much longer.


When a BT router is showing in sync however it displays a red internet light this indicates an issue with authentication. ie: username/password issue (account)


The first check is to ensure the username and password is correct.

If this is correct and you still cannot connect (red internet light) we would request you to use the following test login details to be entered: (where xx is the same as what your current login is) - This checks if you can log into BT Retail's RADIUS server. If this passes then the issue is not going to be an issue within BT's network.

If this does not work then we would request the following test login details to be entered:

bt_test@startup_domain - This checks if you can log into BT Wholesale's RADIUS server. If this passes then it would indicate an issue with BT Retail RADIUS server not accepting any login details from your particular broadband circuit and therefore we would treat this as Fault and be progressed to BT Wholesale (who manager our Retail RADIUS servers also).

If this does not work it indicates there is an issue with BT Wholesale RADIUS not accepting any login details from your particular broadband circuit.


Without getting into specifics... I completed these tests on your circuit remotely from the exchange (something our frontline technical support team are unable to do) and ascertained failed however bt_test@startup_domain worked.


We therefore were able to pass the correct information to BT Wholesale who were able to immediately bring your account online after correcting an issue with your records.


Once again, apologies for the inconvenience caused.