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Using BT hotspot instead of paying for own broadband?? (UK)


I've just moved into a new flat (living alone) and I am on a BT mobile contract. It's a family plan between my sibling and parents, and my Dad (very graciously) pays it for us. This means that I am lucky enough to avoid paying for my phone's data/sim, which as a student is great. I am in the middle of sorting wifi for my new place, when I realised that I can use the BT Wi-fi hotspot with my BT login details...for free? Should I therefore not bother going ahead with paying for virgin media broadband and save myself £30 a month? (I get it cheap due to a referral and it is the cheapest option in my area). What are the downsides to me using this BT hotspot instead of getting my own wifi? I guess security? The speed seems pretty good from what I can tell. This seems too good to be true so probably is- thought I'd ask in case I'm being massively dense about this!

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