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When Will I Get Fibre?

Hi All


I have a second office in rural Scotland, and as you can imagine - whilst the views are simply delightful - the internet is soul-destroyingly slow. I know this cannot be helped given the location, but I was wondering where I can find an update as to when fibre will be available. It will be a glorious day in the office let me tell you!


Thanks in advance

Bob C

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Re: When Will I Get Fibre?

Hi Bob


Jealous of the views you have! I have family in the Highlands and its a beautiful part of the world!


I think I can assist you with your query. I used the Openreach checker here to find out when fibre was going to be made available in my area. It can be a bit vague, but it should advise you correctly. I think if you contact BT they have leased lines that you may be able to get also.


Hope this helps!



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Re: When Will I Get Fibre?

Hi Bob


Kel is spot on - that link should keep you right! And if you PM me your line number I can check if we have any alternatives to give you faster speeds Smiley Happy





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