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how to get BT to fix my parents broadband and internet which 18 months of complaints has failed.

So my parents (who live in cornwall) have been with BT for years, as its the only phone line that provides their property (so they can't even change to virgin); the past 18 months their service has been nearly unusable. The phone line crackles (at best) but usually cuts out 10-15 times during a 30 minute call, sometimes it connects itself, others we have to hang up and redial. Their internet cuts out so bad that even listening to a track on youtube is a no go. 18 months my parents have been phoning them up, complaining etc. finally when enough was enough they contacted the ombudsman. But wait; to use the ombudsman you need a deadlock number (something along those lines) for them to look into the case. Now BT the crafty buggers; have told my parents that they wont release one until the fault is fixed. so they're stuck, without the number they can't go to the ombudsman to help, BT will not give them their number untill its fixed, but they will not fix it. I have sent in a complaint this morning. But knowing that my singular complaint will to jack **bleep** in the grand scheme of things; so on behalf of my parents I am asking reddit for some help. I would love to be able to have an actual phone conversation with my parents, or to show them new videos on youtube etc when I come to visit.

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