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BT Cloud Voice Nightmare for small business

I wish I had read some of these posts before agreeing to move our BT business line to BT cloud voice! Transferred across to the new service early January but from 13 January no working phone service. At first all the customer got was a ringing tone. Now they get (worse) a recorded message saying number not recognised. They got it working finally for around 48 hours last week. Then we get an email from BT saying they have successfully transferred our number to the new provider! What? We didn’t initiate this. Person in management complaints team is away now until 23rd March. Now told someone will deal with on Monday. Meanwhile every hour that ticks by we are losing business. We are a small company with 10 employees and BT is jeopardising their livelihoods as we cannot take phone bookings and have not been able to for 2 months. Its a disgrace that BT can get it so wrong, repeatedly and get away with it. Helpful gentleman today said not to call again to report the fault as it is being dealt with. 2 months....he has obviously never run his own business so has no appreciation for the urgency of the situation.
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Re: BT Cloud Voice Nightmare for small business

Hi Helpiamwithbt,


I'm sorry to hear the issues you had with the internet. Hopefully it's all in hand and working okay now but if there is anything I can help with, please PM me so we can discuss it.





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