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IP Forwarding Issue On Smart Hub

We are having an issue with portforwarding using a BT Business smart hub.

We have forwarded ports to our server which is ip

Everything is fine until a user connects to the server via vpn and then all forwarded ports stop working and when we look in the hub config page it has changed the ip we are forwarding to to another random IP so we then have to go back into hub and set it back to

All is then fine again until a users connects to the server and the ip changes to another random one again.

I presume its because the hub is not actually forwarding to but infact forwarding to the mac address and when some connects to the server it makes the hub change its ip.

Any help greatly recvd.


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Re: IP Forwarding Issue On Smart Hub

Hi jencomp24


Did you manage to get this one resolved? If not, please private message me so I can take a look into it. If you did get it fixed, it would be great if you could post in here how you fixed it in case others have the same issue Smiley Happy



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