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Frequently asked questions - Broadband

How do I do wiring checks? If you’re having trouble with your broadband, we recommend doing some simple wiring checks to find out what’s causing the issue. The checks differ slightly depending on what socket you have. Here’s a link to the guide for d...

BethM by Administrator
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The new way to test your service

If you’d like to test your fibre broadband service without having to call us, we now have a new text service which can run tests without all the hassle - text Fault followed by your broadband telephone number to 60148. Your mobile will need to be reg...

BethM by Administrator
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Bridge Mode Questions

Hi, I am due to fit a FortiGate firewall at a site that has BT Business broadband in the form of FTTC. It appears to be VDSL as the speed is about 70mbps and the BT wholesale finder shows that as the VDSL speed. We will be putting their BT Business H...

4G assure and Bridge Mode

We have just moved premises and while I'm waiting for the new line to be sorted out I assumed the modem would continue working using the 4G dongle. However I have checked and it seems that when you have the modem running in bridging mode you cannot c...

Blocked US Websites

Hi  We supply parts to the aerospace industry and currently do a lot of work for the US DOD. This requires us to get access to certain sites to clariffy our Cyber Security credentials. Unfortunately when we try to access these sites we get a message ...

Connection cancelled again!

I ordered a new business broadband connection to my house three months ago! My current line is constantly faulty ( been repaired three times this year already) I am connected to box 10 3 miles from my house and get only 1Mbps download. My neighbours ...

BT -Sign Boards Made - Cancellation

Hi everyone: i am looking for my life saving Advice here.I quit my job and opted to start a Small business in Lodge Lane, Grays, Essex. I choose BT to have Business Broadband and dozens of stakeholders to deal with to start my business, as how it goe...

have problems with BT business hub 5 and apple iPad

Hello, I have a BT business hub 5 and it works find the only problem I am facing is that when using iPad upstairs find that the iPad has problems finding the router when it does find the router and it conect find that the internet is very slow webpag...

Double billed for 5 months

Hi All, I'm struggling to figure out how to proceed with this issue. Story is, had ADSL, upgraded to Fibre, BT billing for both but providing 1 service.  I have called 3 times, submitted compaints twice and online chatted twice, promised to be credit...

aadamm by Member
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