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Domain email Problems


We have a BT hosted domain name (created using 1st DNS in 2001 as advised bt BT), transferred to BT Business (via BT Domains Centre in October 2009.   Our broadband account was BT Business.  We have several domain name email addresses that have worked perfectly since 2001.  Last week our domain emails stopped working, both via our Outlook Win10 desktop client (latest version via MS Office 365 account) and via web mail.   I cannot now log in to our BT Business account to check the email settings, passwords  and forwarding.   Our broadband products were amalgamated with our retail accounts some while ago.   I have contacted BT Retail web chat who said we needed to contact BT Business Support web chat as it was a domain hosting issue.   BT Business web chat said there is no record of our domain hosting or a business account so they couldn't help, contact BT Retail.


I have checked WhoIs to see that the domain is still active, which indicates that it is registered until Septemner 2023.


As you can see, I am at a loss to know what to do next, please help!  These emails addresses are vital.



Hi Charolais31


Can you please send over a private message with some details of the email addresses in question so I can have a look into this?


Power User

Your domain host disabled your account–Common reasons for a disabled account is your domain registration expired, or there's an issue with your domain host payment. Your domain registration isn't complete–When you buy or renew a domain, your domain host verifies your email address.


Hope You Find This Useful,



Thanks Peter but it's not that.  Our domain is still active and registered to us via BT.   It appears the issue is a clash between our accounts on BT Business & Residential and our business account being on a very old platform (we've had it for years}.   Beth and her team have been working very hard to unpick all the clashing email addresses, passwords and logins and we're gradually getting there.  I must say the help has been amazing, daily calls, clear explanations of the issues and identification of the way forward.   It hasn't helped that coincidentally the old domain emails (POP) stopped working with desktop Outlook but progress is now being made.

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And here's a checklist to understand why you're unable to send emails and troubleshoot any major problem:
Check your internet connection. 
Check your SMTP server details. 
Verify all usernames and passwords. 
Check your SMTP server connection. 
Change your SMTP port. 
Control your antivirus or firewall settings.



Rachel Gomez