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Email Mailbox Full




I have been receiving 2-3 messages a day informing me that my mailbox is almost full. I archive my messages to a .pst folder very month and have followed this practice for 5 years and have never had this issue before.


I don't know what has changed but the message says I have used 453MB of a 475MB allowance.


I have spoken with Technical Help and BT and they tell me to delete messages from my mailbox.


The only messages in the mailbox are about 1 month old and even if I delete all the junk I get the same message form Microsoft Exchange the next day.


Any ideas?


Kind Regards,

A very stressed out Kelly



I have now sorted this.  The Webmail login URL should now be:


These instructions are not good.

First off when you click on cog ... you don't get much more than the ability to set themes & reading pane layout.


You need to click on the very bottom option   "View all Outlook settings"


This at least gets you to the General settings ..... however when you click on "General>Storage"  you get a statement on how much ise used ..... which we already knew from the daily emails.

Ther is no option at all under storage .... certainly nothing entitled "Clean up mailbox"


Need some better instructions


I have the same issue that I followed Ryan's instructions and found the listing of the storage in each mailbox, emptied them all although there were only a total of less than 100Mb of the 15Gb storage used and am still getting the same mailbox full messages. I think the community needs some very clear instructions as this seems to be a common and recurring issue.




I have been having problems with this daily message for about 4 months.

There was a time when I had 2500 messages in my inbox and approx 4000 in my sent box. That didnt used to cause a problem.


After much deleting, I have only 961 and 570 respectively.

When I go Microsoft Office Home / Storage settings      I find :


Junk email    0.99 KB used      0 messages

Inbox          17.05 MB used    16 messages




Sent items    903.28 MB used    2152 messages


but when I go back to the actual Microsoft Outlook I find just 570 messages and my dilemma is that I do not wish to tell "Storage settings" to lose  all 2152  messages and find that in reality I have lost the 570 that I would prefer to keep.


Any suggestions please ?



James Crowther


Keep getting daily message mailbox full . Reaching 95


Hi Sas1,


Have you tried the steps mentioned before to clear out anything unneeded in the Outlook Web Access? You can find instructions on managing the mailbox storage limit here.


It's important you do this by logging into the webmail here because if you are accessing your email via a program such as Outlook you may be deleting emails on your program but not on Microsoft's side. 




Power User

The "mailbox full" error message simply means that the recipient's mailbox is full (may have exceeded the memory size limit) and can no longer hold any messages. The recipient needs to delete old messages or move them to a different folder to make room for new messages.