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Locked out of BTCONNECT Email


Hi All


I changed my BTCONNECT email password a couple of weeks back.


However this immediately caused me to lose access to my Email with password not being accepted.


The password allows me to see and change the Question etc on the BT account but says not logged into email Login now and refuses my password.


I think the issue is the fact that the mail is now with Microsoft and the password isnt being passed through.


I followed links from previous conversations on this subject for changing the password which said it should update Microsoft within a few minutes.


Done this Loads :


Password resets are done via the BT website


This will automatically update microsoft after a few minutes and you will be able to use your email again.




I have changed it multiple times but still cant get back in via the web or any of my Outlook installs on Phone or PC.


Can someone help on this .  I have had this Email since the 1980's and as you can imagine lots of things go there.









Hi markybill


I'm sorry the password reset isn't feeding through to the email account, can you please send me a private message with some details of the account so I can look into this for you?



Hi Beth


Sent you a private Message



Power User

If you are not the account holder that set up BT Premium mail, then I cannot see how this can be resolved. Any letter would be sent to the account holder`s address, assuming they actually informed BT of the address change.

There is always the danger of losing access if you have an email account that is ISP specific. Its better to use something like Gmail which can be used with any ISP.


This May Help,