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Access to PhP Admin

We have had a PHP MyAdmin database behind our web site for over 5 years. The content has been managed by accessing the phpMyAdmin screen from the BT Control Panel. It has recently stopped working and reports "Not Authorized to View This Page [CFN #0004]".


I notice a previous post reports that it may be the .htaccess file not resolving correctly and indeed this is what BT support suggested, but when I asked for documentation or help on what the file should contain the CHAT was terminated.


As the contents of the file are referring to BT directories I am not sure how I can test the file and resolve any issues, I feel I would need access to internal BT netwrok and server information to do this.


The current contents (with the comapny web site anme changed) are:


# php5-cgi enabler

AddHandler phpCGI .xml .php

<IfDefine SSL>

    Action phpCGI


<IfDefine !SSL>

    Action phpCGI /cgi-bin/php5-cgi



Can someone give me some advice. I notice the file refers to PHP5, is this still supported? If not how do I chnage to a later version?


We have not been able to update the contents of our comapny database for over 4 weeks. Can someone please advise us on how to either get the above working or transit to a later version of PHP My Admin database or perhaps SQL server or other.



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Re: Access to PhP Admin

Hey VincentB,


What I would recommend is uninstalling and reinstalling phpMyAdmin via the BT Control Panel - this wouldn't impact your website and hopefully does the trick at fixing this issue. BT Support won't offer help with the .htaccess file unfortunately as that's a coding issue and not a technical issue on the web hosting portal. 


Thanks, Bobby

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