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BT Connect Lite Business 1GB email fun

Just helping a buiness lite customer with his full mailbox.  This is one of the strangest mail setups I've seen for a while.

Along with the lite package he also has a 50GB Package which is set to "sync" with the lite mailbox.

The "strange" part is these both have the same btconnect email address.  So we appear to have 2 mailboxes with the same email address.

I was going to suggest to customer that he forwards mail (without saving) from the lite mailbox (so no maintenance of the lite mailbox is needed) but you cannot obviously forward from address X to address X.

So he just has to regularly delete mails from the lite mailbox or do so when the full email is received.

Can he not migrate fully from lite to the 50GB package?

I had suggested to customer that he changes the business email address but he is resistant to that.

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