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Email Mailbox Full



I have been receiving 2-3 messages a day informing me that my mailbox is almost full. I archive my messages to a .pst folder very month and have followed this practice for 5 years and have never had this issue before.


I don't know what has changed but the message says I have used 453MB of a 475MB allowance.


I have spoken with Technical Help and BT and they tell me to delete messages from my mailbox.


The only messages in the mailbox are about 1 month old and even if I delete all the junk I get the same message form Microsoft Exchange the next day.


Any ideas?


Kind Regards,

A very stressed out Kelly

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Re: Email Mailbox Full

Hello Kelly


Sorry to hear you are having these troubles. When you are checking the about of space used in Outlook, as you doing this on your computer or through the Office365 website?


If you go to Email Login Page and login with your email address and password that is getting these messages, then once logged in click on the cog wheel top right of the page, then select options it will show you how much of your online storage space you have used.


The messages you are getting are more than likely because the online Inbox is getting full. Also make sure to check your deleted folder for any straggling mail


Hope this helps relieve your stress!!



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