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Problem With Setting Up Email on iPhone/iPad



I have several email accounts through BTConnect. I also have one with my own domain name (through BT). These all work fine for sending and receiving email with Outlook from a Windows PC. The BTConnect emails also work with both iPhone and iPad.


However, the email address with the domain name will not send from iPhone/iPad - the error message states that the server does not allow relaying. Receiving email to this address is OK.


Any thoughts much appreciated.



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Re: Problem With Setting Up Email on iPhone/iPad

Hello Raymond


Sorry to hear you are having these troubles. I generally find this happens when the old server details are being used – sometimes it will work with a BTConnect, but the POP domain emails are not so forgiving. If you take a look here you will find our handy guide to setting up on the iPhone/iPad.


Hope you find this useful!


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Re: Problem With Setting Up Email on iPhone/iPad

Hi Ryan


I'm trying to set up my email on a new iPad, but everytime I try and set up the account, I am told I have the wrong username/password. I have gone int the site and reset my password which allows me to log into that account, but still no luick uising the iPad's "Other" option. The process finds my account on but does not recognise the security details. 


Any idea where I'm going wrong? My husband has no problem on his iPad and his email address - he's the main account holder - could that be it?




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