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Email Spam Filters

I have an issue with the BT spam filter. 


I have a wordpress website and I am using SendGrid to send the emails from the Word Press site.


When I test the email function on the website, Sendgrid confirms on their server that emails have been processed and delivered, yet I do not receive the emails on myoutlook  MS Office Professional 2016 desktop software and they are not in the junk folder either.


The desktop software allows me to send and receive emails OK, but will not receive the emails from our website via Sendgrid.


If I check the Email account on the Webmail office 365, the sent email from the website is visible, in the junk folder. As soon as I mark this email as not spam, it is moved to the inbox. If I then check the Desktop email software the email then appears.


I do not know how to fix the problem of my Webmail ending up in the junk folder, which if resolved will enable emails to make it to my desktop. Or alternatively, how do I get emails sent from my website to my desktop email software


This issues relates to any transactional email sent to a receipt email address from the website ….it’s some kind of spam filter issue I think.


I would appreciate any assistance you could give to resolve this problem.

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