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Microsoft Office 356 & Outlook 2007 - Duplicate emails - Crash



Current Setup -


Microsoft Outlook 2007

Microsoft Office 365


Previous set up -


Microsoft Outlook 2007

BT Exchange/Mail Boxes


Issue -


I have several business mailboxes which were migrated from the old BT system to the new Microsoft Office 365 setup. The migration went OK, apart from having to download each mailbox again (some contained over 6000 emails).


The majority of my mailboxes are working correctly and users are able to send and receive emails perfectly. However I have come across two users who are experiencing the following issue -


Their client (outlook 2007) downloads emails multiple times. This can cause several duplicates. Not only do they have duplicates in their client but this 'loop' causes Outlook 2007 to crash.


On opening the client again, the emails will download again and cause outlook 2007 to crash.


The only resolve is to enter the web based service and delete from the server, which ever emails are being downloaded multiple times.


On the web based service the email is not downloaded multiple times (only to client) and there are no duplicate emails.


Once the email is deleted, the client works fine for several days until the issue reoccurs.


Has anyone had a similar problem to this, and found a resolution?