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SMTP settings to send from a BTInternet account

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We have btinternet (domestic) at home, with addresses  <nam>

We have just installed BT Business broadband at work, with its addresses.  


We want to use a mail client (Outlook Express, etc) to be able to send messages from work. 

What are the settings which will let this happen ***for the btinternet domain email****


With the BT Business Broadband

We can make the BTConnect addresses work both inbound and outbound.

We can read the BTInternet POP3 server.


We can send with a "reply to" message in the BTInternet messages (ie. the BTconnect address in the "From" field), so the SMTP will go out via BTConnect's servers.


But, if we use a From of <nam>, then the outbound to BTConnect SMTP is blocked.


It appears that use of another ISP's mail server is also blocked on ports 25 and 587; at least I seem unable to set a different SMTP server in the mail client and have it work.



Any clues on a work around (help desk hadn't a clue), or have BT Connect just got excessively draconian blocks on SMTP traffic with no way round ?






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Re: SMTP settings to send from a BTInternet account



As long as the internet connection that you are using to send the btinternet e-mail on is a BT connection whether it be business or residential then the outgoing server to use for the btinternet email account should be or (they are both the same server, you can use either).



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Re: SMTP settings to send from a BTInternet account

I hope that I can now send and receive emails

What do I do if I can not send and receive emails?

Please advise