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Unable to send btconnect email form Galaxy S phone

I have a Samsung Galaxy S with BT Vodafone SIM

It has been working for about 3 months on BT Connect email.

2 days ago it stopped sending emails they are just sitting in ‘outbox’  ... can still receive emails.

If I go into outbox do a ‘send now’ ... it tries then comes back with ‘no connection to server’

The settings that have worked until now for outgoing settings are:

SMTP server –

Port – 25

Security – none

Require sign-in  ‘not ticked’


I have tried changing server to -

And setting sign-in to required and configuring with account username & pwd.It does go off to ‘verfiy settings’ and is happy with them.


But still not sending any emails.

Phoned BT help desk ... no help, they have passed to Technical who will call me back (but no idea when)