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i have email account


i have been using the account with pop3, but now l want to use imap so that l see all my massages on

my iphone as well.


is this possible.





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Re: imap

Hi Ak,


Our btconnect email service does not support IMAP, but you can enter the POP3 details and receive emails to your iPhone successfully.


As you probably know, POP3 email by default is set to download your emails to a device once, but if you go into the account settings, then advanced settings you can enable the option to leave a copy of the messages on the server.


Underneath that option you can also request the email program delete the copy from the server after a specified number of days.  This will ensure the mailbox does not fill up and stop email being sent or received.


It will also allow you to receive emails to the same number of devices you have entered the details into.


It does not synchronise like IMAP or Exchange Server but still lets you view your emails on multiple devices.


The settings you will need for your iphone are as follows.


Account type: pop3 or internet email (depending on the terminology Apple use)


Display name: Your name

Email Address: or


Incoming mail server:

Outgoing mail server:


Username: Your btconnect email address (the email address associated with your account)

Password: Your account password 


Hope this helps, please reply if you need any further assistance.



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Why is IMAP disabled on BTConnect?

The POP3 work-around you suggest is not a feasdible solution.