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Broadband rip off


I feel I need to express how incredibly conned and ripped off I feel. For the following reasons:

• I was not notified that the amount of my direct debit was being increased to over double the amount I budgeted for.
• I was told emails were sent to a BT account that I am unable to open, I had not used online billing surely a letter could have been sent to my home address to draw my attention to this matter.
• The alleged increase in my broadband use was noted last October however it was only through checking my direct debits in June that I discovered the huge amount I was being expected to pay!
• I have not used my broadband to download anything of any significance. According to your broadband check I have used 10gb’s in less than a week. Having checked the allowances this means that I have downloaded 10,200 photos or 2500 music files or 15 movies. I have NOT downloaded anything!
• I live alone my internet connection is secured by a password.
• I have asked repeatedly for an explanation of what is happening as nothing has changed in the way I have used the

• I do not know of any other utility that can charge but offer not record of how and when the costs were incurred.
• I have only signed up to unlimited usage to ensure there is a limit to the amount I can be charged by BT.
• When I signed up for BT broadband I was asked about my usage I explained I rarely download and mainly browse and light user was felt to be suitable for my needs.
• Nothing has changed what so ever in the way I surf the net and I do not believe I have used anymore G.B’s.
• Due to negligence on the part of your company I think I should have the debt waivered and
• I also want a detailed explanation of the how the alleged increase in my usage days, times what I have downloaded etc.


The reply!!!!!



Thank you for your email dated 13/06/11 regarding the Broadband usage.

I am sorry that you are not happy with the Broadband usage charges.

1) I would like to inform you that due to the increase in the Broadband usage the Direct Debit payment was increased to £83.50 and this change was notified on the bill dated 28/04/11.

2) I am sorry that as the account is registered online the paper copies were not sent as the discount of £1.25 was provided every month on the bill on the condition that the account is registered online and no paper copy is sent (apart from the final bill and the terms and conditions letter).

3) I am sorry that you were not aware of the increase in the Broadband usage. According to the terms and conditions the Broadband usage allowance email alerts are sent to the BT primary email address (that I have never used) and can assure you that all the email alerts were sent to this address.

4) I am sorry that due to the data protection we do not record the Broadband usage. However, we have provided the BT Broadband usage monitor which allows our customers to check the Broadband usage on a daily basis. This helps to reduce the Broadband over usage.

5) I would like to inform you that if there is any problem with the Broadband usage or the Broadband usage is more (without accessing the Broadband) then it needs to be reported to our technical team so that we can investigate on this matter.

I am sorry that as the email alerts were sent to the BT primary email address as mentioned in the terms and conditions the charges are correct and will be upheld.

Please let me know if I can help with anything else.

Thank you for contacting BT.

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Re: Broadband rip off



Great to hear that I am not the only who feels like BT are ripping me off. This have been driving me mad. My Broadband charges are going through the roof and I have only used the computer for browsing the web @ 1-2 hrs a day........I have made numerous complaints on the BT website, however the service is dreadful no one wants to help, I'm still no further on with getting this resolved. Like yourself I have asked for a list of my broadband usage but it seems that this is not possible??? Last month I recieved an email alert to advise me that I have exceeded my 40GB limit, IN LESS THAN A WEEK, during this time had downloaded 1 song!!!!!


Over the last 12 months my bills has more than doubled, however I have probably spent less time on the computer.


Surely the usage must be regulated by someone, BT could be charging customers whatever they want???


Did you get any further responses from BT - there must be some customer's out there that dont realise they are getting ripped off.


I cannot wait for my contract to end - there is no way I would ever reccommed BT as a provider.

Zero score for customer service.


Please let me know if you manage to get any futher with your complaint.





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me to ripped of by bt so your not only one on there ripoff list there adding lots lots charges to my billing even calls i never made there sticking £0.22p a time on hundards calls lasting 1 second on 2  seconds charged at 22p a go no one would even get chance to say hall in one scond would call connect in one second i dout it the broadband its terable even youtube vidio wont even play opening a page online up to half minit befor it opens some times long they say the speed is raily fast yes in ther dreams but am not only one ripped of by bt bt customers are being charged £130 charge when there phone line stops working threw no fault of there own then there other ripoff £5.67 processing fee for bt to take or money thats outrages thats total descrace bt say free this free that that joke there not free from bt nothing all i can say is there bunch legalised criminals lots falsh charges suck on my bill to get as mutch money out of the system as they can nothing but shere greed no other words can describe it but total greed for profit my telephone line is hacked and bt refuse to do any thing only charged me for the illegal calls made on my line its thieft steeling the customers money and there getting way with it there thieves bt thieves any one else be prosecuted for same fraud they do

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BT ARE RIPOFF SCAMING CUSTOMERS OUT THERE MONEY MY TELEPHONE LINE HAS BEEN USED ILLEGAL NOT WITHINSIDE MY PREMISSED there lots calls on there i never made yet bt have charged me for them calls  i never made there all so lots lots calls at 1 second charged at £0.22p a time no one would even get to say a word for one second thats out rages be rip me of in this way 22p a second for a call thats outrages descrace unjustified if  that was not bad enough there other scam bt have running £5.67 to take our money they take on our bills thats the ripoff of 2012 bigist ripoff ever my contract is finished in july 2012 with bt i am not shure what to do next


the worst providers on ofcom,es list with most complaints are BT at number 1 sky.b sky at number 2  talk tall at number 3 and virging media comeing in at number 4





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Hi tesco33,


I've sent you a PM.