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You really are beyond useless

I have decided it's time to cut my losses and get out of the contract I have with BT business and BT mobile.

To describe you as useless would be an insult to useless people.

Nearly 3 months down the road and you still haven't sorted out a faulty business landline, call divertion giving people messages that the number is unobtainable or going straight through to voice mail even when there is someone available to take the call.

And today yet another huge parcel that is actually my mobile bill, why do you feel it is necessary to send out a 1338 page bill that doesn't have anything on all the pages except £0.00 data usage.

I have asked lots of times for this not to be sent, the sheer waste of paper is obsurd, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

final straw I tried to call customer services on the number on your site today and kee getting a dead line 08456006156.

You really are a disgrace.

Rant over and will move all my services Monday, thats if I can get hold of anyone.

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Re: You really are beyond useless

Hi scraggs,


I have sent you a private message asking for more details can you please respond to this .



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Re: You really are beyond useless

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I feel your pain and hope everything will work out fine. You should try other voip providers.

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