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BT Business PAC to BT Family SIM



I want to move my BT phone number (which is on a BT business account) to my Family SIM package.

Ive been told this is not possible by the 0800 desk?

Im told i must use the new number which is a pain so I am considering leaving BT now.

Is this correct? and if so why would BT not be able to manage their own numbers internally?

Many thanks.

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Re: BT Business PAC to BT Family SIM

Hi apexcut


I have checked this with the mobile team and if you are moving your mobile to the BT Residential service, it should be just the same as moving to any other provider where you request the PAC code to transfer your number over. You then give this PAC code to your new provider. I have found this guide here that details how to do this.



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