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Private Networks & Router Access?


I've recently updated my phone (BB Z30 to BB Passport) and for some reason my new phone/sim won't allow me to connect to my business network or Private network. it would allow me to connect to the router wifi until recently! I've contacted BT and they told me that "The reason you are having the issue is that currently the EE network is not supporting private APN’s. There have been discussions around this subject but there has been little progress and it is unlikely to change in the near future."


Now I'm not sure about anyone else but I have always used wifi via private APN's to keep my usage within its monthly limit. what annoys me is that i've always done this and was encourage to do so too.


My work involves alot of emails and web usage. I understand that EE/BT are my provider but when it comes to using my own Wifi at home or work surely I should be able too? I pay for them to provide me a service when im travelling or outside of my areas. Not when I'm at my work place or home where i already pay for a wifi coverage?


has anyone else encountered this issue?

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Re: Private Networks & Router Access?

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Please forgive me if I've misunderstood something, but it sounds like you may be confusing the term 'Private APN' with 'WiFi'?


A 'Private APN' is essentially a private transit path and network breakout for your mobile network data usage. From a BT/EE standpoint this is called a 'data VPN' product and is to my knowledge only available to Corporate accounts.


If your new handset is not connecting to WiFi at home or at work, this appears to be a hardware or software problem. If you have the same router in both locations it could also conceivably be a router firmware issue.


Have you updated both router firmware and your device software to latest versions?


I would do that first and factory reset the mobile device before trying again.

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