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WhatsApp issues when on WiFi

For a few weeks now I've noticed that my phone sometimes has issues receiving messages from WhatsApp while connected to BT WiFi. A little notification pops up on my phone saying WhatsApp can't connect using the current WiFi and to switch to mobile. I would and messages would come through no problem.

Recently I've noticed I'm unable to receive any images or videos that are sent to me unless I turn my WiFi off and use my 4G. I've had a Google of this and tried all troubleshooting from WhatsApp. Restarted my by hub, reinstalled WhatsApp, reset network settings on my phone and there's still no joy.

I'm not sure if there's a setting on my BT hub that could be tweaked to solve the issue?

I can't find anything else about it online except someone buying a new hub...


Hopefully this is in the right section


Thanks in advance for any tips

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