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Help Re VOIP please!



I run a small consultancy business alongside my other employment. I have a VOIP phone line (056 etc) but this is on a residential line, with apparently no facility for any added features. I was hoping to use this as my "business" line until the business develops and funds allow a dedicated business line, but I need call forwarding to my mobile and/or voicemail, as I work around the country.


As an embryonic business I don't have the money to invest in a dedicated business line, but also don't want to be using my mobile or home number in advertising!


Am I asking too much of this residential VOIP line? If call forwarding and/or voicemail is possible, how can I do it?


If none of the above are possible, then I'd appreciate your feedback on the best way forwards, i.e. the most cost effective way of getting a landline with call forwarding (but will get away with voicemail).


Thanks in anticipation.

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