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Unable to port numbers due to BT postcode error

I am a project manager for Fresenius Medical Care - the worlds largest provider of dialysis care. We are unable to perform a routine transfer of service from BT to Vodafone as the LoA is being rejected. The address (which is correct) as follows:


Sheffield Dialysis Unit

Broadfield Park,

Broadfield Close,



S8 0XN


BT have this down at 


Broadfield Lane

S8 0XQ


Therefore we're unable to complete the transfer. This has been ongoing for around a year now I have our BT account managers details but he has not been able to resolve this issue. Could you please contact me with some process or method to get this business address amendment done?


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Re: Unable to port numbers due to BT postcode error

Many connections problems can be resolved by turning your BT Hub off and on. Press the Power button on the back until all the lights go off and wait for 5 minutes. Press the Power button again until all the lights come back on. It may take a few minutes for the lights to settle.

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